48 hours

I have 48 hours ahead of me with no real schedule. I’m not counting the weekend. I’m debating what to do with this time. I definitely need to do some prep for my classes, but I think I only need a couple of hours for that. I also want to continue my decluttering. And I need to do some rejiggering of my technology systems. Yesterday, I missed an appointment, which was mostly because I had it in my head that it was today. Had I checked my calendar on my computer, though, I wouldn’t have seen the appointment anyway. The appointment was only on my phone and didn’t sync with my web calendar. So I turned syncing on again, and moved my agenda to my main screen, so it’s the first thing I see. Because sadly, this is not the first scheduling snafu I’ve had. Mostly I end up double-booking myself (even triple-booking!). I used to pride myself on being organized about my time, but the last few months have been challenging in this regard. On the one hand, I’ve relied on technology to help, but I also need to remember to check or to otherwise have cues to check my schedule and I often need to do so more than a couple of hours in advance.

So, mainly, I want to continue the clean slate process so that things are set up better to avoid pitfalls, and, honestly, to not feel like things are slipping through the cracks. I don’t like being that person, and I’m not usually. I need to recognize, I think, that filling my schedule too much is unproductive for me, but so is not having enough on the schedule. I need time in the day to plan, think, etc. And I need down time, but not so much that I lose track of time, which is kind of what happened yesterday.

So I’ll spend the next 48 hours cleaning and straightening, planning and looking forward. On Monday, I want to come home and feel relaxed after my first day back, and not feel like I’m ready for another vacation.