Last day

I’m ready for a new year. I’ve always liked the idea of a fresh start. I get two of them: now and the beginning of the school year. In previous years, I’ve set my sights pretty high. This year, I’m only tackling one thing: money. We’ve gotten a little spending crazy, mostly by not really paying attention. To tackle this issue, I’m checking my accounts every day, and I’m checking physical mail every day. I used to do that once a week or so, but until I get some things under control, I’m checking every day. Mr. Geeky is on board as well.

I’m paying off debt, which will give us some more discretionary spending, and I’m trying to save a little as well. Having a kid about to go off to college puts some things in sharp relief. We have a little saved for college but a lot that is going to come from our available income. We have a tuition benefit through Mr. Geeky, which definitely helps, but doesn’t cover everything. And while we have no idea whether GB will head off to school, we certainly don’t want to be unprepared. So money looks tight for the next year or so, and I’m hoping to make it feel less tight.

I have so many other things I’d like to tackle this year, but I think doing one thing well is better than not doing anything all that well. Plus, my energy is mostly elsewhere.