What a week!

Yes, a week went by. I had one of the busiest weeks ever. There were several days where I didn’t have a free moment. But I had a lot of great conversations with colleagues. My meetings were all productive, which I know sounds crazy. We began the week with our in-service day, where we are doing some major work as a school in preparation for our accreditation process next year. I’m co-chairing a committee so there was a lot of work to be done there. After lunch, we attended workshops run by faculty. I ran one on google docs, which is the third one I’ve run. I love doing these. I also covered a few other things I use, like twitter and ifttt. Then I attended my colleague’s workshop on robotics to see what she was up to in the lower school. And that was fun.

Later in the week, I held my techie Thursday lunch, something new I’m doing this year. It was pretty awesome. We talked about specific things like course management systems, how to see the revision history in google docs, and how to create a PDF form. But we also talked about technology literacy among our students and how we might improve upon it. The head librarian was there so she could chime in on helping students with their search skills and other information literacy skills. I could talk about what I do in my middle school tech classes and how those skills are or not addressed in upper school. It was a great conversation.

I’m also working on figuring out how to continue building the computer science program. I talked to colleagues in math and science as well as several administrators. I’m trying to do this in a cooperative way, creating something that benefits the students and the school as a whole. Everyone has been quite supportive, and quite helpful in helping me think through the possibilities and potential unintended consequences. I learned a lot about how students typically progress through their high school years. I, of course, know the requirements, etc., but this gave me a clearer sense of what students really do.

Oh, and there were the five classes I teach as well. They’re chugging along quite nicely.