Kick it up a notch

About a week ago, I started to feel overwhelmed by all the work I’m doing. Instead of feeling defeatist about it, I decided I was just going to dig in and do the best that I can. I still find it difficult to be in high gear work wise and to manage to carve out time for my family and for myself. Because I also think I can’t do my best work without getting enough rest and without feeling connected to friends and family, and honestly, without clean clothes!

And the thing is, most of my work is somewhat my choice. I do things I don’t absolutely have to do because I care about what I do. I know I can have impact on my students, on my school, and maybe even my field, through my work. So I take it seriously. But it can’t be everything.

3 Replies to “Kick it up a notch”

  1. …and therein lies the problem. It is hard to let go of what works with your students. here I sit on the possibly last 70 degree day of the year, reading student journals while my husband and daughter are on a fundraising walk enjoying the day. grrr. Every year I try to get a little more efficient, modelling the 40-year teacher in my department who can do both. On the upside, their journals are fabulous and funny. Will make cool dinner to compensate.

  2. Leslie, I know. It’s a cycle. I’ve vowed to do a little catching up on the home front so that can hit the ground running Monday.

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