Even 8th graders like infographics

Yesterday was the first day I’d seen my 8th graders in three weeks. I introduced them to our project, put them into groups, and had them decide what they wanted to collect data about. I then reminded them via our homeroom bulletin to collect their data. I was fully expecting them not to have their data. But they did!

I had them put their data into a spreadsheet and generate a couple of graphs to see how their data looked. They actually had fun with that. Students have collected data on favorite broadway shows, favorite travel destinations, favorite froyo flavors and toppings, and the hair and eye color of the whole 8th grade. I’ve had no whining or claims of boredom, etc.I can’t wait to see the end results next week.

I think there were two main things that have made this successful so far. One, groups, and two, having a clear sense of the end goal. Showing the examples seems to have really stuck with them as they mentioned them several times. Another factor is probably that this is the first group I’ve had since 8th grade. They just know me better. Whatever it is, I’m glad, and I really think they’re getting something out of it.

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