Days with no breaks

The last two days have been days with no breaks. For those who don’t teach, it’s often typical for teachers to have empty period during a day, in order to plan, grade, or meet with students or colleagues. There might be 6 periods in a day, but a teacher would only tech 4 periods. Because half of my job involves working with teachers, my empty periods fill pretty quickly. I fill them with meetings to work with teachers on projects or meeting with administrators and staff about broader tech issues. Or I meet with students who need help or need mentoring.

I like being busy. I like getting to work with lots of people, and I do guard my lunch periods. But I need to be better about saving a couple of planning periods. And I need to start looking ahead further. If I only have a couple of hours a week to plan, then I need to plan for several classes at once. The last two days, I’ve been doing it in 15 minutes chunks. I also want to spend some time thinking more deeply about my curriculum as a whole, about advocating for CS education more generally, and for keeping up with the field. I do some of that at night, but my mind is better acclimated to thinking deeply during the workday. By the time I get home, I’m mostly thinking in gibberish.

I had days like this in my previous job, it’s not quite the same. The energy level is hard to maintain. I’ll adjust, and things will settle in. And then it’ll be summer.