At the arcade

At the arcade by lorda
At the arcade, a photo by lorda on Flickr.

Last night, the Geeky family trekked over the over river to a video game museum and arcade. We put actual quarters into machines and played Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, and even Space Invaders. Geeky Boy got to play the original Mario Bros, Geeky Dad played Joust wit his son and I played The Simpsons with Geeky Girl. We barely spent $10 and were entertained for about an hour. Geeky Boy declared it worth the trip even though we had to practically drag him out of the house.

It definitely brought back those days when my parents would drop me off at the mall and I would spend hours at The Gold Mine (decorated like and old west saloon). Even into college, I would seek out arcades for cheap entertainment. We found one 15 minutes away where we’d play Galaga for hours. More than once, we drove to the airport (pre 9/11) and played pinball and defender. I was jealous of friends with Atari or Sega but was past that by the time Nintendo came out.

I’m glad I could share some of that nostalgia with my kids. If you’re nearby and want a cute place to go, the place is called High Scores.