A good problem to have

I spent a good chunk of yesterday trying to help students get into my class. My class is an elective so it gets juggled around quite bit. I also teach in both the middle and upper school, so my schedule gets tight as well. That often means that there are students who get bumped. It’s a good thing to have students who really want to take my class. And those that are taking it have told me how excited they are for the course. those people that claim that girls don’t like CS need to meet my students.

That’s actually my second year class. Though I do have one student trying to get into my first year class, that will only bring it up to 3 total students. My second year students were surprised. One said, “They just don’t know how cool it is.”. I said, “You guys have to tell them how cool it is.”. I also need to work on that because 3 students does not a program make. I have plans to offer two new courses next year that I hope will encourage more students to take CS, but I also need to advertise more among the parents. I need to figure out if it’s an interest problem or a scheduling problem. And I need to work to alleviate whatever it is. It’s a lot to take on as one person. Those who teach required courses don’t know how easy they have it.