Warm and fuzzy, rainbows and unicorns

On the way home yesterday, Mr. Geeky said, “I got into a fight with a colleague today.” I responded with, “Well, I got three hugs today.”. He said, “I shot someone’s unicorn.” Wait, what? He explained I’d headed into rainbows and unicorn land while he was dealing with reality.

Honestly, though, my colleagues rock! After our morning meeting several people needed help with various things. A new faculty member couldn’t log into email so I helped her, and meanwhile, got über psyched about using google docs, so that made me happy. Two other colleagues came to ask for help and a favor. When I agreed to the favor, one of them hugged me. Then, when I helped the other colleague a few minutes later, she hugged me.

And they’re all fun to talk to. They’re smart. They have great ideas. They make me think. We had our faculty-staff picnic yesterday, which everyone likes, because you get to hang around, chat with colleagues, meet their families, and eat good food. It’s a reminder that a) we’re in this together, but b) we have lives outside of school.

Reality will hit soon enough. No, it’s not all rainbows and unicorns all the time, but these moments happen often enough that it keeps me going through the tough spots.

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  1. Then I went to read Anastasia’s posts and found her post about how lovely her day at work was & I laughed.

    I think you and A have done the right thing!!

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