To-do lists, stress, and more

I just made my to-do list for the next couple of days. Yikes! I think I feel more stressed this year than in years past. I’m now no longer the new kid. Expectations are higher than they were. In part, that’s me. I want to build my program and do well by my students. They deserve to have a good learning experience, and I’m perhaps overly conscious of my role in providing that for them. I also have responsibility to the faculty to help them provide a good learning environment through the technology we have. We have a lot of new technology, and new tools pop up every day. Keeping up with that and keeping up with my classes is quite a challenge.

On the personal front, Geeky Boy is applying to college this year, which is adding another layer of stress. Worse, because I lack control over that. At least with the work stuff, I can do something.

Yesterday, I broke out in hives, something that’s happened a couple of times as the summer has wound down. I’d love to chalk it up to an unknown allergy, but I think it’s just stress. Ugh.

2 Replies to “To-do lists, stress, and more”

  1. Hang in there Ms Laura, if anyone can pull this one off, it is you!


    It is amazing how our self expectations can drive us forward. It can be equally tiring and rewarding. It is always hard finding hat sweet spot between exhausting oneself and discovering the heights of our human abilities. As always, count me among those cheering you on from the sidelines.


  2. I could have written this myself – I feel tremendously unprepared for the fall term and that’s stressful. Eldest is preparing to apply for university this year, too – she has her heart set on one particular school but there’s never a sure thing in admissions so I’m trying to introduce some comparable schools that she might find equally appealing. Nerve-wracking!

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