So many hats

I wear a lot of hats. I teach computer science and technology. I’m a home room teacher. I’m kind of a department chair (for a department of one). I work with faculty to integrate technology. I am a club advisor for three clubs. And I’m a parent to a student in our school. Sometimes I feel pulled in too many directions by all these hats, but mostly, I like having the varied perspective. I like seeing things through different lenses.

I have never really been a one-track mind kind of person. I am at my best when I have just enough going on. My senior year in college, I took an off campus job and I was leading a club, as well as preparing to graduate and go on to grad school. That was my best year ever. I always felt like I was in the flow. I haven’t quite achieved that in my current job. It takes a certain amount of experience and some good organization to make that happen. But I think I’m almost there. I especially think focusing on the positive side of having so much going on makes it easier to keep up. When I can bring my experience in one area to another area, that’s always great. It’s when different areas conflict, either time wise or philosophy wise, that things can go awry. It’s hard to wear more than one hat at a time!