Project 180ish: Day 1

20120828-074720.jpg I have never completed a project 365. I tried in earnest for three years. It just never happened. My friend, Tim, started posting pictures he called “Scenes from an Institution” to give people an idea about all the work involved as a professor that isn’t teaching. I thought that idea would make a good start to a photo project. Instead of aiming for a whole year, I thought I’d aim for the school year.

There are roughly 180 school days not counting weekends. I’m going to do weekends too, though, so really it will be 250ish photos. Here’s my first. My classroom before it’s fully set up. Everything is in boxes, the desks aren’t arranged the way I want. It looks a little barren. By the end of the week, it will be looking much better, especially once the students fill the seats.