Invisible friends

Yesterday afternoon, I dropped my son off at a total stranger’s house.  I don’t know too many parents who would do this, but I did it so that he could hang out in real life with a friend he has been Skyping and playing online games with for a couple of years.  I’ll admit to being apprehensive. What if they were scary people? What if something went wrong?  But when we walked in the door, his friend’s mom gave him a big hug, saying, “I feel like I already know you.”  They all couldn’t be nicer.  As I was leaving, the boys were headed out for an adventure.  Geeky Boy’s friend kept calling us while we were on the road, checking in with him about what he might like to do.  Geeky Boy was beyond excited. I don’t even know what they finally settled on. I could have stayed there myself, but I chose to have some time to myself, staying down the road at a hotel.

People are still squeamish about people on the Internet. I’m glad to see that not everyone is. Geeky Boy has always been careful online, but has made some real friends.  This is the first one he’s been able to meet.  I hope there are more.

3 Replies to “Invisible friends”

  1. I have made *so* many friends on the Internet that I cannot in good conscience keep my children from meeting people they’ve met on the Internet. I just know I need to teach them good self-preservation skills–don’t give out personal info, maintain healthy skepticism, meet people in neutral spots when possible.

  2. There are some really strange people on the internet. My wife often says I am really strange. I am on the internet. Therefore by implication…

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