Goals and resolutions

Every school year, I set goals for myself. I generally just try to do better than last year. My first year in this job, my goal was simply to survive. Last year, I had specific goals. This year, too, I’m thinking about specifics. Here they are.

1. Make my classes fun and useful. I’m just going to keep this in mind every time I’m preparing for a class. Most of the time, I don’t have to worry about this, but occasionally, I fall flat. Technology is already a subject many girls reject as uncool. I don’t want to make it worse.

2. Keep up with research. I want to take some time every week to do some reading and thinking–on teaching and learning, on computer science education, etc.

3. Publicize my work and my students’ work. I try to keep up with this, but it’s foment the last thing on my list. The school has a blog and twitter and Facebook. I want to make sue I continue to educate everyone about what computing is, and what it can do.

4. Stay positive. When you’re busy and overwhelmed, it can be difficult to stay positive. This isn’t usually a huge problem for me, but I do find that when I complain about work, I don’t have as much energy.

5. Stay organized. I keep a to-do list and with the help of several devices, it’s never away from me and always synced online. I’m planning to stay on top of things.

On the home/personal front, I have just a couple of things.

1. Eat healthier. I’ve cut out sugar and most carbs. I eat salads almost every day for lunch. Last night, I ate eggplant soup, which was yummy. I plan to make soups on the weekend to eat during the week. I haven’t cut meat completely (we had tacos a couple of nights ago), but it’s a once or twice a week thing.

2. Move more. I am going to try to get back into yoga at least once a week, but I’m not going to try to fit a structured exercise routine into my crazy schedule. Instead, I’m going to move when I can. That means walking instead of driving to places, using stairs, and parking far away. It will do for now.

3. Keep decluttering. I did well this summer in getting rid of a bunch of stuff and reorganizing a couple of rooms. I’m going to keep at it, mostly on the weekends.

So that’s it. What are your goals this school year?