Changing banks

Over the summer Mr. Geeky and I decided to switch from our giant conglomerate bank to a local one. Changing banks these days is much harder than it used to be. All of our bills are paid online, so I had to switch everything over. And it takes time for new direct deposit requests to go through. It’s really a several month process. And, in fact, our process won’t be complete until the end of the month.

Already, though, I’m glad we switched. I accidentally scheduled a couple of bills to go out before my first paycheck went through. The bank actually called me to make sure everything was okay. And, after I hadn’t received my new debit cards, I called the bank to see what was up and they couldn’t have been nicer. I like good customer service. Our other bank actually paid a ton of money because of its horrible (and illegal) customer interactions. So I’m happy to be starting the new year with positive feelings about my finances.