Back to school dreams

I’ve been posting dreams about school I’ve been having to Twitter. You know the ones you have about standing in front of a classroom naked? Last night’s involved an online course I was taking that turned out to have a face to face component that I’d never attended. My homework for the class was due and I couldn’t find my computer to upload it. The TA was yelling at me and I spent most of the dream running around strange places trying to find my computer.

Earlier, I dreamed that my class was being held in a bar. I had a bunch of extra students that I didn’t know. There was a band playing and cocktails being served and my students couldn’t hear me. Nightmare!

These will likely continue until school begins, a sign, I guess, that I care about how things will go.

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  1. My dream the other night was that I was teaching so badly — actually having trouble forming words, clearly had no idea what I was talking about — that the students started just getting up and leaving in the middle of class to go to Starbucks.

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