Another kind of disconnection

I’m headed out for another short trip, and I’m not sure I’ll have Internet.   Mr. Geeky is panicking.  I’m looking at it as an opportunity.  I have books to read (thanks, everyone!).  I have work to do on my classes.  And, I have things to write, which will be more helpful without the distractions of the Internet.

The kids, too, have books to read and other things to read.  We’re bringing some board games.  It’s just funny how much we have to do, but we never do it anymore because we have the Internet.  We’d rather watch YouTube or read FailBlog than do things in physical space.  It’s not that we never play a game or (gasp) have a conversation, but it’s just that the computer trumps other things.  One week without it isn’t going to change everything, but it might shake things up a bit.