And so it begins

Today, I venture into school to begin planning in earnest. I’ve done some work at home, but now the beginning of the year looms larger. Next week, we have meetings to attend, and the following week, the kids arrive. This week, our new students will be present for an introduction to the school, and I’ll be teaching them a few things about our technology. I’m looking forward to that. I get to do the same for our new teachers the following week, and that, too, should be fun.

There’s a lot that will be new for us this year. There are new students, of course. We have many new staff members, which will be fun. It wasn’t that long ago that I was new. Heck, I still feel new. We have a new structure for our senior year, having eliminated AP courses. It will be interesting to see how that plays out. I, myself, am teaching a new course, and have changed up my middle school courses significantly. That’s the great thing about my field. It’s constantly changing, and the school’s relationship to it changes. I like all the change. It makes life fun.

I admit to being a slight bit apprehensive about getting all my work done before the year begins. I had many good intentions of getting so much accomplished. Only a fraction of what I wanted to do got done. I recognize, too, that I needed the down time, so I can’t beat myself up too much. It will get done, one way or another. What I often find is that I need less time than I thought I did. So hopefully that will be the case once again.

It’s going to be a good year, I hope. Tomorrow I’ll set some concrete goals. Today is about surveying the landscape.

2 Replies to “And so it begins”

  1. Good luck in getting ready for the new year! Today is my last day of summer — kayaking and a dentist appointment are all that’s on the agenda — but Tuesday morning I’m back at school with faculty meetings and, as you say, surveying the landscape.

  2. I have an 11 month contract with the school, I am the school computer tech. You would think with the added two months I would be ready for school to start. So much for thinking.

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