Programming frustration

I’m at the point now where the programming I’m doing is a lot more complicated.  Last summer, I was writing things that I could basically finish in 1/2 hour.  Now, I’m writing things that take days or god forbid, weeks.  Mr. Geeky, like many programmers, will often try to complete a program that should take days in 24 hours.  He does this with the help of Mountain Dew and absolutely no breaks, including for actual food.  This, of course, is the stereotypical way.  But I can’t work that way.  Now, I have been known to get caught up in solving a problem and working way past a normal lunch time, but eventually, my stomach yells at me.  Also, I can’t really focus when I’m tried, hungry, or frustrated.

I feel that it’s important to offer different ways of working.  While I do know girls who work in the “typical” way, coding until they’re done, that doesn’t work for everyone.  I find, for myself, if I walk away, for an hour, for a day, I often can get a better perspective and solve the problem more quickly. I share my methods with my students, so that they can see other ways of doing things.

Maybe I’ll develop other ways of working as I keep doing this.  For now, it works.

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  1. I’m the same way. I can’t work for many hours straight. That’s why I’ve only ever pulled one all-nighter my whole life, and even then it was fairly optional. I guess I learned how to be efficient with the time I had.

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