Please send housecleaning robots, k thx bai

I hate housework. But I like a (mostly) clean house. Also housework takes away from more important and fun activities like programming and hanging with your family or friends. For most of my unpleasant tasks, I try to find technology that will help or motivate me. I have electronic to do lists and exercise trackers. I’m writing two programs, one as a friendly weight loss competition between me and my husband and one to store recipes and on hand ingredients to make cooking easier.

But for the most basic chores, technology has still not come up with better solutions. Washing dishes is about as good as it’s going to get, unless they come up with a way to put the dishes away automatically. There are robotic vacuums and mops. I have a vacuum, which works reasonably well for a quick clean, but for deeper cleaning, I have to use old school methods. And laundry is still a major chore. Why wash and dry in separate bins? Where’s my laundry folding robot? I know. It’s a really hard problem and expensive to solve. I could use something to poke the rest of my family, too. I’d love to send a robot into the kids rooms, wake them up, and assign them some chores, prodding them until they’re completed. Could be done with enough effort, I’m sure. Maybe one to poke Mr. Geeky, too, at least until the other robots are invented.

An organizing robot would be nice, too. Couldn’t there be a special sorting algorithm to determine the ideal placement for everything in your house? That would be awesome. If anyone wants to invent these things, go right ahead. I won’t even ask for a cut, as long as I am saved from housework.

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  1. Now, you know, don’t you, that a kid poking robot would never work. It has the same flaws as the robot teacher or the robot babysitter.

    There are, I believe, washers that also dry (Europeans have them? I think the problem is that they don’t work all that well. But, that should be a tech problem they’ll solve if the need is significant enough. Right now, the problem is that the drying takes to long, but they probably haven’t considered the time loss of forgetting to move the wash to the dryer!

    I think some kind of inventory system that keeps track of ingredients on hand should be coming. Aren’t they talking about tagging everything at stores, for their own inventory? If they have that, there should be some way to inventory everything that comes into your kitchen (and leaves it) and have remote access to the info. Maybe not for fruits & veggies, but for everything that comes in a container.

    Maybe the inventory system could work to sort laundry automatically, too (both for forming wash loads and for allocating to different household members).

  2. I hear you! I hate house work too!! And I’d gladly take the robot and any other inventions (provided I could afford them! 😉

  3. Those little things are cool. The two biggest companies just merged aparently. So now we are going to have house cleaning robots taking over the world like in the Terminator movies. haha 🙂

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