Food and its (Dis)Contents

First round of food
First round of food (Photo credit: lorda)
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Laura wrote today about her and her family’s struggles with food.  I feel her pain.  Mr. Geeky and I both would like to lose weight, but we are both too busy and too lazy (in many ways) to make it happen.  A while back I wrote about loving to experience my food fully.  That often involves food that’s not great for me.  Mr. Geeky is less interested in the whole food experience.  For him, food is more about fuel.  There are days he gets so involved in work, he forgets to eat.  Then some colleague will wander by, suggest they go out to eat, and next thing you know, he’s had 2000 calories.

Mr. Geeky doesn’t cook.  He finds it a foreign enterprise.  He will grill, but I have to plan the meal. We’ve compromised by having Mr. Geeky do the grocery shopping, though he’s not as picky about what he’s buying, organic or grass-fed beef, forget it.  We have tried this summer to cut back on carbs, especially sugar and increase our veggies.  It’s hard.  As Laura pointed out, it takes more time to prepare a meal made mostly of veggies.  We’re just not used to it.  I usually throw on some pasta and sauce and call it a day.

Right now, I have the luxury of time to shop, plan, and cook all I want, but once school starts, time will be short, and it’s likely I’ll be back to throwing around pasta.  I had managed to incorporate some exercise into my life before leaving for India, but haven’t gotten back to it.  So, I need to move more and eat less.  And do it in a limited amount of time.  Sigh.

And it sort of takes the joy out of it sometimes.  I love going to the farmer’s market, making meals, and, of course, eating.  But when I have to think about it so much, it makes it slightly less enjoyable.  So, I need to figure out things to do that will not detract from the enjoyment so much.

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  1. I hear both you and Laura… I mean, I grew up eating very healthily (mostly vegetarians, tons of veggies, not too much sugar), but I still find hard to steer away from the pasta & salad. 🙁

    Especially after a tiring day. Now that I’m going to have a long commute, I imagine it’s going to be much much harder. Sigh…

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