Back to reality

I’ve returned from my journeys, from India to Indiana to Virginia back to Pennsylvania. On the way back from Virginia, we took back roads rather than 95, which I don’t think took that much longer, and which was quite pleasant. Part of our journey took us on the old national road, used as early as before the civil war. We downloaded a historical marker app to keep up with information along the way. It was quite fun.

Now I’m in the mode of getting back to getting organized, decluttering, but there’s still plenty of relaxing. We’ve taken a trip to the pool and the kids have slept in.

There’s also been a return to home cooking after mostly eating out while traveling. I’ve made a fish curry to recapture the Indian food I miss. It turned out nicely, but I am glad there are many good Indian restaurants nearby. There was a lot of work involved! I also visited our farmers market for some great fruit as well as meat, veggies, and even wine. I wish I could cook like this all year, but alas, there’s never enough time.

Soon, I’ll get back to doing a little school work, but for now, I’m settling back in.

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  1. The app was called “Next Exit History”. I got it for an Android, but I suspect it’s available for iPhone as well.

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