And here we go . . .

So, I’ve nearly cleaned out a room I started working on forever ago when I pledged to spend 15 minutes a day on it.  I bought a shredder to shred all the paper work.  I’ve put most of the stuff on Freecycle and gotten rid of the weirdest things, including my old CD collection, most of which is downloaded into my computer now.  No one seems to want DDR mats or trick or treat bags.  Oh well.  The room I’ve cleaned out is/was the front porch, which was enclosed by the previous owners, but never heated or cooled, so it’s functional maybe 6 months out of the year, fall and spring.  We divided it into a mini mud room and and office, but never quite finished the job.  I’d like to return it to it’s original status as a front porch, but the work and money involved is kind of crazy, so that project will have to wait.

Next, I’ll tackle the coat closet and the other storage places in the now nearly empty front room.  I need to figure out what to do with the room now that it’s not our tv-watching room.  It could be a place to read.  I could see a bar in there, something we don’t have room for elsewhere.  The floors need refinishing, but that, too, is a project that will likely have to wait.

Mr. Geeky is reflooring the third floor, aka the former kid rooms and that space has become office space.  It’s in desperate need of organization as it’s where we started to hide the things we didn’t know what to do with.

Next week, or maybe this weekend, I’m going to be work on my fall classes.  I have two to create/redo.  One is just my 8th grade tech class, which is 10 weeks long, meeting only once a week.  I will make that one more math-y and science-y, which I’m looking forward to.  Then, I’m developing the CS II class, which I have a rough outline of what I want to do, but am not sure about all the specifics, so I’ll try to work out at least the first semester or so.  I’m also going to spend some quality time with Khan Academy to beef up some of my math skills, a good use for that tool, imho.

I’m still going to find time to relax.  Today I’m taking Geeky Girl and a friend to the pool and I’m hoping to spend most of my afternoons not doing a whole lot.  As the school year approaches, I know my free time will dwindle as well, so I’m taking full advantage now.