From India to Indiana

I’m back from India and have mostly slept and run errands as I’m leaving for a family reunion in Indiana today. India was quite an experience. I have mixed feelings about whether I’d go back, but I definitely think it was worth seeing, not just for the monuments and sites, but for the culture. Being an informed and educated person, I, of course, knew a little something about India and its politics and culture, but seeing it up close gave me a new appreciation for its potential and its challenges. I also have a new appreciation for what we have here in the US. The poorest of us is in better shape than the poorest of India’s citizens. We really have too little respect for how much we have. I felt, and feel, a little guilty about the amount of sheer crap I own. I also feel bad about how we have no sense of history, and the great things places like India and other parts of Asia accomplished long before we were even a concept. Honestly I’ve been in a little bit of reverse culture shock being here. Women in shorts and spaghetti straps? What? Men in t-shirts and not collared shirts? Weird. I think I have more to say, but instead I’ll resort to pictures. Here’s my Flickr set:

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  1. That is so true. We have a lot that we can and should be grateful here in the United States. I think that we all are a little guilty of taking some of that for granted at times.

    I am sure that it was an amazing experience and appreciate that you shared it with us.

    Welcome back.


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