How does a whole month go by?

Almost every day, I think, I should blog that. And then I don’t. Life is busy here at the end of the school year. There are celebrations, final projects, summer planning, etc. I am taking a group of students to India just after the school year ends, and we are attending to final details. I have actually spent time on the phone with the Indian embassy. Weird.

I have programmed several 1980s video games: pong, frogger, snake. I have arranged for internships for my rising seniors. I have troubleshooted lingo and robot programs. I’ve assisted with several video projects, and attended meetings about next year’s technology initiatives. They created a department for me, which doesn’t mean too much, but it does mean a few more meetings. I’m actually looking forward to the opportunity to work with more teachers, and having more people understand the potential of computing.

On the personal front, it’s been a mixed bag. Geeky boy has been struggling with depression, which necessarily affects our family. We’re all getting through it but it takes work. You likely won’t see me write about it here. Currently things are in a mostly positive place.

I took up jogging through the couch to 5k program. I run every other day, and so far so good. I feel better, and I think I’ve lost weight. I certainly see a difference in the areas I most dislike. It’s also good for the soul. I’ve enjoyed the 1/2 hour or so away from everything, focusing just on getting to the next mailbox.

I also gave up sugar, mostly. I couldn’t forgo alcohol, but dessert? Not a problem. I allowed myself a treat today for Mother’s Day, but otherwise I haven’t had sugar in almost two weeks.

I promise to blog more regularly. As I’ve been curriculum mapping, I’ve been thinking a lot about teaching, but that’s another post entirely.

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  1. Sorry to hear about GeekyBoy’s depression — I’m sure that is difficult for the entire family, although I’m glad to hear that things are mostly in a good place.

    And India — wow, very cool! I’m sure you’ll be glad you’ve been working out when you have the extra energy needed to make the most of the trip.

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