Changing things up

Much as I hate to switch plans mid-stream, my experience teaching Scratch in 8th grade has floundered.  Next year, I’ll move it back to at least 7th grade, if not 6th.  I still wanted to do something interesting in 8th grade, something that would be challenging and would allow them to express themselves, which is primarily what they seem to be interested in.  My most recent class actually did a really nice job when I just set them free to do what they wanted.  I still think I need a few more parameters for them.  So today, I spent some time figuring out what to do.  I decided to draw on ds106.  I went through their assignment list and selected some that I thought would be appropriate and appealing for 8th graders.  We have 10 weeks.  They will have 2-3 weeks to work on each project, completing a minimum of 4 projects.  With each project, they will have several options.  They’ll do Design, Audio, and Video projects, plus a modified Daily Create project.

Here are the ones I selected as appropriate options so far: Design & Audio.  I haven’t picked out Video ones yet.  And Daily Create will be entirely up to them.

We’ll see how it goes over when I introduce it on Wednesday.

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  1. I’m excited to hear you are tapping into ds106; I’m keen to hear how teachers are leveraging portions of it in the way you describe, a more powerful concept than One Massive Course.

    Am hoping to get to Philly maybe for a weekend next month, would be cool to catch up

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