Fun with Fabric and Technology

I so want to comment on this post about problem solving, but I’m going to hold off until tomorrow at least.

Right now, I’m too excited about my plans for what we call Mini-Week, a three-day period just before spring break where we hold basically a three-day workshop on a topic, going on field trips, building projects, and having fun.  Last year, I worked with e-textiles and I plan to do so again this year. There are a lot more resources now, and I have a better idea of what’s involved so I’m doing a modified version this year.

We’re making a trip to the Franklin Institute to see a couple of exhibits related to design, art, and technology. Then we’ll start working on our own projects.  We’ll be visited (hopefully, still not solidified yet) by a UPenn student working in this area who is bringing some examples.  For those who finish sooner, we’ll have a playground with some other tools to play with, like arduinos and maybe a lilypad or two.

If you’re interested yourself in doing some of these things, here are some great resources:

Adafruit: link to their products related to e-textiles, but they also other cool electronic gadgets

Sparkfun electronics:  again, a selection of e-textile products.  They have some cool e-textile kits as well.

Aniomagic: Some very cool e-textile stuff, programmable through the browser!

Lilypond: ideas and instructions and links to more resources.

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