A Different World

Sunset on Vermont Road by lorda
Sunset on Vermont Road, a photo by lorda on Flickr.

I spent the long weekend in Vermont, visiting a college with Geeky Boy and seeing my old friends, Bryan and Barbara. It’s another world up there in many ways. Slower, calmer, a little colder. Stunningly beautiful even in the dead of winter. I couldn’t help but take photos out the front of my car window as we drove back from skiing. Geeky Boy asked me if I could live there. I said I thought I could. Ten years ago, I would have said, “No way, not enough going on.” But now, I appreciate a slower pace, less stuff around. Both Geeky Boy and I commented on how much stuff is built up on our land around here. You can’t even see the land, really, for all the stuff.

I had to come back to a rush of classes and meetings and planning, but through it all, I tried to step back and remember the calm landscape of Vermont, just sitting there in the cold, waiting for spring.

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  1. It was lovely to have you two spend some time in our quiet corner of the world, Laura! Great to catch up–and Geeky Boy is a marvel. Now you have to bring the rest of the Geeky Gang to visit.

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