Things people ask the tech person

  • What kind of computer should I get for my (parent/kid/aunt/me)?
  • Should my kid learn to type? Do you teach typing in tech class?
  • Do you teach (name your basic office application)?

That’s about it.  Here’s what I wish people would ask:

  • What should I be doing to educate myself about the Internet?
  • What skills do you think kids should know to be prepare for jobs and college?
  • How young is too young to learn to program?
  • Is learning to program important?
  • Should my kid go online and if they do, what should they be doing (or not doing)?
  • My kid is interested in x technology field.  How should they prepare? What things can they do?

Just another parent night.  Not that the first few questions aren’t legitimate, but I wish that people would up the level of questions.  And it may be that a) they were all tired (it was late after all) or b) I covered the answers.  I do get some of those questions from parents of older kids, so maybe it’s just going to take them some time to realize they’re important.

2 Replies to “Things people ask the tech person”

  1. I’m getting lots of questions about the best apps for Ipads and kids learning. I’ve been recommending Imovie, book creator, Puppet pals, and voicethread for open ended creative learning.

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