I need new resolutions

I guess change is hard.  Some things have worked out well. The budget, for example, has worked out pretty well.  I missed the mark in one category by $20.  Not so bad.  Meal planning was working well until this week when I went to a conference over the weekend and didn’t have time to shop.  So this week started with ordering pizza.  Easy enough to get back on track, but kind of a pain.  I’m staring down three weekends in a row filled with activity.  Two robotics competitions, an open house and a college visit.  That’s got the potential for disrupting a lot of routines.

Pretty much everything that was on my earlier problem list is on my problem list now: laundry, decluttering, yoga, walking, programming.  It’s too much.

So I think I need to revisit.  I need to figure out what’s important.  Rest is extremely important to me, which is what usually happens instead of these other things.  The fact is that by the time dinner is done, it’s often 7:30.  It’s hard to jump into doing laundry or decluttering, much less walking or doing yoga.  I have been doing some programming, and because it’s part of my job, I try to squeeze it into work.  Mostly, that’s happening.

The yoga class I had originally planned to take meets on Wednesday evenings.  I’ve had other obligations for the last two Wednesdays, but I’m going to try to make it tomorrow.

The walking. Well.  I think that’s just going to have to go.  If I establish the yoga routine, maybe I’ll add in the walking.

I’ve already modified the decluttering a bit.  Partly, this has been practical. I started with the front porch, which is a room that used to be a porch and was enclosed but never insulated or heated.  Since the weather has been cold, it’s not been practical to go out there at night to sort through things.  So, I’ve decided doing anything for 15 minutes per day that contributes to getting rid of stuff or putting stuff in its proper place counts.  So, setting up a pick up for something counts as much as sorting through a stack of papers.

And laundry.  Well, it’s just never-ending.  I’m doing my best.  It piled up a bit over the weekend but I have mostly caught up–by doing a load a day.

It’s been extremely busy at school, which takes a lot out of me mentally and physically, and I’ve been finding it hard, especially over the last week, to muster the energy to do much of anything except put my pj’s on.  But I’m going to keep trying.

2 Replies to “I need new resolutions”

  1. Isn’t there anything concrete that can be taken over by someone else? Laundry can lend itself, since it’s finite and doesn’t require thought.

    Your resolutions seemed tough to combine with a full work schedule (and an unwillingness to skimp there).

  2. bj–my kids do their own laundry, so it’s just my own. And yes, it is hard to fit–every day. Once or twice a week for some of these things is probably better.

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