Falling off the (resolution) wagon

Yes, already.  Things are still happening.  I’m still doing stuff, but just not in quite the way I wanted.  It’s amazing how much life gets in the way.  Here are the things I’ve done consistently and/or that I’m target for this month:

1. Meal planning.  The last two weeks, I’ve planned 3-4 meals.  Last week, two of the meals were enough to feed us for at least two days. So far, so good.  I’ve mostly been using AllRecipes to help with this process.

2. Reduce groceries and eating out spending by $100 each per month.  I’m on target to do this in both categories.  Item 1 helps with that, of course.

3. Reduce shopping spending by $100 per month.  Shopping is everything that’s not essential–clothing, books, random fun things.  I’m doing well here, even with some extra purchases.  I’m going to come in well under my average.

4.  I’ve put $500 into savings so far this month.  So that’s good too.


Okay, now for the stuff I’m not doing so well on.

1. Decluttering.  I could almost put this above, but my consistency sucks.  We did the big declutter and I haven’t decluttered since.  We have a guest staying with us, so . . . blah, there’s always an excuse.  This weekend, I’m going to take the books I’ve culled to the bookstore to sell.  That’s my goal.

2. Laundry.  I was doing a load every day.  This week fell apart.  Between the decluttering, the robotics competition, parent evening, it just hasn’t happened.  This is easy to pick back up again.

3. Yoga once a week.  Sigh.  The class I take is on Wednesday nights.  Yesterday, I had a parent evening, and last week I got stuck at school until 6:30.  I’ve signed up for a Saturday class.

4. Walk every day. So not happening.

5. Write a program every day.  Sort of happening.  But mostly because I teach programming.  I need to be doing more.

What does this tell me?  Some things are easier than others.  When I’m busy, quite frankly, I’m less likely to spend money, so it’s easy to keep that up.  Plus, I can check in with my spending and set a goal for each shopping trip.  If I know I only have $200 left for the month to meet my goal, I can try to keep the total grocery bill below $100 or put off a clothing purchase until next month, both good things.

What seems to be the hardest are the things that essentially create a new routine for me.  I think walking every day might be too large of a goal.  Perhaps I could walk twice a week and work my way up to more.  The decluttering every day shouldn’t be too bad, but like walking I can often find excuses for not doing it.  Unlike walking, the thought of trying to reestablish that routine doesn’t seem too bad.

There’s another week and a half left this month.  We’ll see where we are in 12 days.

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  1. A word about laundry—

    I used to do a load a day…What I found was that the most time consuming part was putting the clothes away. (My kids put away their own clothes, but still…) So what I do that I feel works much better is I wash and dry a load every day, then my husband and I both take the clothes out of the dryer and separate them into piles. But then we wait every few days to have everyone put the clothes away…I don’t know, it just feels quicker and less overwhelming than taking time every way to get the clothes to the right destination.

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