Moving forward

So I went to a yoga class last night run by my old friend with whom I used to do yoga 10 years ago.  It was fabulous.  I am actually sore today, but in a good way.  I think I worked every muscle in my body.  The class is offered every Wednesday, so I think I’ll start going at least to that, and then maybe add another class later.

Another area I want to work on in the coming year is money.  We suck at budgeting.  We usually manage to come out okay, but every once in a while, we find ourselves resorting to a credit card, and, in general, we’re not saving enough.  I have made a good effort to pay off our credit cards, but need to do some work in that area.  One thing I keep talking about doing is canceling cable and our land line.  That would save us over $100/month.  We subscribed to Netflix streaming, and have used it a lot.  Geeky Girl and I spent our time over the break watching How I Met Your Mother from the beginning.  Though we’d seen most of the episodes, we enjoyed watching them in order.  Mr. Geeky watches whatever movies it throws at him.  He’s on a foreign film kick at the moment.

I have no problem canceling cable.  We have TiVo and frankly, if we didn’t, this decision would be a lot easier.  We’d just figure out whether to go with or or Boxee, etc.  As it is, we’re trying to figure out things that will work with our existing box.  We can access Netflix and Amazon.  We could also go with Hulu plus, which is available on TiVo as well.  But newer services like Vudu are not available and you can’t really just go to a web site like to connect to your shows of choice.  We could connect a computer to our tv, but then we need remote control.  We’d actually lose some of the shows we watch regularly.  At least, we’d lose the convenience of being about to watch them in one place at the click of a button. So I think we’ll keep looking and thinking about it.  And I know, we could give up tv altogether.  Not outside the realm of possibility.

Mr. Geeky and I went over our budget the other day and most of our money goes to food (both groceries and eating out) and shopping (mostly for clothes).  We’re going to try to cut back a little in those areas.  I think that will have a bigger impact than getting rid of cable.  I’ve proposed cutting those by a couple hundred each.  We may have to start slow, but maybe we’ll get there.  We definitely like our food!

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  1. I went with Roku. I mostly use Netflix, TWIT, and Amazon Instant Video. I’m considering cancelling Hulu+, because the app doesn’t work well on Roku. There is nothing on there I can’t get legally another way. I’m also downloading the things I buy on Amazon Instant Video and saving them on my old TIVO.

    As back up I invested in a digital antenna. Living in Hurricane country, I want to be able to get local news and weather.After Ike I had power several days before I had internet.

  2. I’ve thought about the antenna thing myself, except that we don’t watch much local tv. I do have a weather radio for emergency info. Roku’s definitely on my list of things to look into.

  3. We gave up our landline to save costs, but since mid-November, every cell call I have made from our house has failed, and so have most incoming calls. At first I thought it my iPhone antenna might have failed. Had it checked and not the case. I since have learned that everyone in our neighborhood with Verizon wireless has had the same problem. We are in the middle of three towers; apparently there is too much “traffic,” possibly since the new iPhone came out. Verizon simply tells us all to buy boosters, which have not helped those who have purchased them. This is a real problem if one is working from home or looking for a job (as I am).

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