Back to (house)work

Once the school year got into full swing, I found it really hard to keep up with maintaining any kind of semblance of order in the house.  I found it especially difficult to keep up with cooking and laundry, two things I really care about getting done.  Far too often, I found myself digging through laundry baskets and ordering pizza.  Jeeves, my new little robot vacuum, will help (well, at least with the floors):

I’m returning to some sort of Flylady method. I don’t think the whole system works for me, but I can adapt pieces of it.  There will be more goals for the year, but this is one I will be starting before the new year.  I need to destress my house.

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  1. I think my house is a little bit stressed too. (LOL) Good thing you have a robot vacuum that can at least help clean your house even just the floors. My kids are always so messy too during school days. I get to clean a little bit in the morning but when they come home from school, it goes back to mess. Anyway, Happy Holidays! Let’s destress our houses. 🙂

  2. Yep, that’s my goal as well. (And I envy you your robot vacuum!) I like the phrase “destress the house,” which turns the stress motif around; instead of my getting stressed about the house, I can help the house feel less stress. With D. (who is a total slob under the best of circumstances) back in school full time, our house was a disaster area this fall; our eating also got worse, since she used to do all of the cooking but is now seriously busy. So I have hopes of a smoother home life this spring; the trick now is to transform those hopes into actual plans! I’ll be interested to hear how you adapt FlyLady.

    Good luck to us all in this new year’s resolution!

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