Today was my last day with my 6th graders.  I have them build web sites using Google Sites.  We learn a little HTML and a little CSS to see how these things really work, and then I set them loose.  One of my students’ mothers works at the school and she emailed me to ask how her daughter could share her site with family members.  I changed a setting and voila, she was able to share it with aunts and uncles.  I thought it was pretty cool that she would even want to.

I missed the last day of my 8th graders, but they, too, have shared their work on the Scratch web site.

My 7th graders, whom I will see one more time, created podcasts and videos, which were posted to the school’s web site.  We created QR codes for them, and we hope that admissions will pick a few to use during tours and open houses.

My Upper School CS class is working on some very cool robot projects, which they are going to demo for a 1st grade science class.

I like having my students share their work.  Yes, it’s a challenge sometimes to coordinate, get people online, and there are the inevitable technical difficulties.  But I think it’s worth it.  The kids like sharing, showing off what they’ve done, and they get excited if people comment on their work.  And I think getting them used to the idea that their work might mean something to someone else is important.