Ada Lovelace Day, a day late

Audrey Watters wrote a nice post about me for Ada Lovelace Day.  I was going to mention Ada Lovelace to my faculty yesterday as we were having our first in-service, but decided not to.  In my mind, though, our technology-focused in-service was kind of about Ada’s legacy.  In a sense, helping faculty embrace and engage new technology tools helps our students (all girls) engage it in a thoughtful way as well.

On Ada Lovelace day, one is supposed to name a woman in technology or computing who has inspired you.  Honestly, I haven’t had the opportunity to have a female mentor in technology that has truly inspired.  There are plenty of women in the field I admire, but they’re not people I’ve worked with that closely.  Instead, I’m mostly inspired by my students, both current and former.  I spend much of my time trying to find ways to help them, either to understand more about computing or to further their careers in computing or related fields.  I also learn a lot from them as I try to see things from their perspective.  My students over the years have taught me that teaching really means learning.  Even if I think I know more than them, I often realize, we really are learning together.


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