Holy Cow

I know it’s all going to be okay in the end, but shew, what a whirlwind these last days have been.  Meeting after meeting.  Email after email.  A classroom without furniture.  A growing to-do list.  How, oh, how, will it all get done?

But . . . I have 7 kids signed up already for a new club–and that’s without advertising.  I’ve had some very fruitful and good conversations with colleagues, all of whom have great ideas.  Those same colleagues have really stepped up to help with the in-service day that’s just over a month away now.  And yet another colleague who has helped me immensely with all my classroom issues.  I am getting her something as a thank you.

Tomorrow, I’m going in to finish off the must do list and then Geeky Girl and I are going on our annual girl shopping trip.  I hated, hated shopping with my mom.  The fact that Geeky Girl doesn’t yet is quite something.  I have a replacement phone coming this week (thank you, ebay).  And Mr. Geeky and I are spending (we hope) a relaxing evening in the city, eating good food.  A last hurrah because the school year really gets going.