To go to the office or not

During this time of the year, I often question whether to work at home or go into the office.  Today, it’s raining and yucky, and while there are things I could do at the office, I’m thinking of not going.  Tomorrow, I have meetings and other things going on.  Today, meh.  I need to order furniture for my classroom, and I need to work on the bulletin board outside my classroom, but really, neither of those things will take that much time.  I searched this weekend for good decorations, and couldn’t find much.  I found some robot scrapbooking materials, but they were in the “Boys will be boys” section, which made me very sad.  So, I’m still scrambling.  I might have to scrounge around a computer store to find anything useful.

I have lots to do around the house today, so I could tackle that.  And part of me is thinking . . . only two more weeks, let’s cherish it.  No one else, btw, is really going in to work.  I was in almost every day last week and I only ran into three other teachers.  I think a quiet day at home, checking email, and getting some course materials organized, is in order.