Technology woes

At the beginning of the summer, I bought myself a Motorola Atrix Android-base phone to replace my first gen iPhone.  It was the right choice.  It integrated so nicely with my Google lifestyle.  I loved that phone.  I swear it made me 10% more productive.  At the beginning of August, I went on a trip to Key West with my sister-in-law.  When I arrived at the airport, I whipped out my Atrix, texted Mr. Geeky that I’d arrived safely and then texted my sil that I’d be at the hotel soon.  I stuck the phone in my back pocket and made a trip to the ladies room.  As I was, uhm, preparing to use the facilities, I heard a clunk.  Please tell me that wasn’t my phone, I thought.  It was my phone.  And not on the floor, but in. the. toilet.  There were bubbles, like my phone was gasping its last breath.  Without thinking twice, I grabbed the phone. Don’t worry, no business had been attended to yet.  I went over to a seat and attempted to take the phone apart.  No luck.  I’ll do it when I get to the hotel.  Actually, I did it in the cab on the way over.  I left the phone in pieces for most of the time I was in Key West, and spent a good chunk of time whining about how much I’d loved that phone.

When I got home, I read up on what to do.  I’d mostly done everything right–taking it apart, letting it dry–but I had attempted to charge it when it was still wet, which at best shorted the battery, and at worst, shorted out the motherboard.  I decided that maybe, just maybe, a new battery might do the trick.  The new battery arrived yesterday.  To no avail.  So now I’m scouring ebay for a replacement.  Retail cost for said phone is $449.  I feel kind of sick about the whole thing, but I live my life through my phone.  I could also send my phone off to attempt to be repaired.  The cost of that is much less, but there is no guarantee that it will work, and I’d be out the money whether it worked or not.

I’m buying a case for the next phone I get–and I am never putting a phone in my back pocket again.  They don’t make women’s back pockets like men’s, big enough to hold a wallet.  For what it’s worth, I discovered that dropping a phone into the toilet is pretty common.  So I’m among lots of other idiots.  Sigh.

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  1. Count me among the idiots.

    And I tried to recharge too damn soon, too.

    Mine wasn’t a smartphone, so it wasn’t quite as painful, but on the other hand, it went from being a free phone with a new contract to a $250 phone less than six weeks after purchase.

    That contract is up now but I’m dragging my heels on getting into the smartphone world. I wonder why….

  2. A woman at my workplace dropped her company blackberry into the toilet as it was flushing and our maintenance people spent almost two weeks retrieving it from the pipes. I learned a huge lesson from that without it actually happening to me. Keep phones out of our pockets because women’s clothing designers are idiots where pocket design is concerned.

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