Routine Progress

So the routines.  The kids are doing great.  They’ve gotten up every day at the appointed time and balanced their day well between work and play.  Geeky Boy is on a strict 3-hours per day computer schedule.  The rest of his time is spent reading, watching tv with his sister (they’re on a Phineas and Ferb kick right now), playing Boggle, or doing household chores.  I had planned to do my workouts before coffee, but it’s just not working out that way.  For one, my shoulder injury is making it difficult for me to sleep, so I wake up feeling just awful.  I have worked out in the afternoon, though, and I think that’s where the workout needs to stay.  I can’t force myself into a habit that I think just isn’t going to take hold.  I’m planning to work out again this afternoon (after skipping yesterday).  And I’m going to also aim for working out tomorrow, skip Friday, and do either Saturday or Sunday.  I’m also having to do PT exercises for my shoulder–but those are mostly stretches.  So the routine is coming along, though it’s been tweaked.

On the house front, I’m now tackling the master bathroom and the office.  Both are going pretty well.  I dumped a bunch of things in both places, and I plan on tackling my main filing box today, which should be a really good thing.

I’m hoping to continue progress next week, and, when school starts up, I plan to make a real effort to keep at it.  The payoff will be less chaos, and hopefully, fewer pounds. 🙂