On the organization front

Inspired by Jackie’s post on cleaning out her closet, I did the same.  I also cleaned out my drawers.  I have my closet organized by type and color, and my drawers organized by shirts for work vs. shirts for play.  Not only can I clearly see what I have to wear, I now know what’s missing in my wardrobe.  So, when I go shopping soon, I won’t buy a bunch of random things.  Really, I only need a pair of khaki pants and a couple more decent shirts.  I’m a purger, so I regularly get rid of things that don’t fit or that I just don’t like anymore.  I purged a lot during this cleanout–things that were years old, stained, or otherwise not working for me.  I still have shoes and jewelry (which is a mess!) to go.

The biggest mess right now is our office–and because it’s shared, it requires buy-in from the other occupants to declutter. Mr. Geeky’s area–which is spreading–is a morass.  It’s a struggle to keep my own area from becoming that way.  Papers sort of magically appear there, books show up, random cables.  But this is the mind of the house–bills get paid here, doctors appointments are scheduled, etc.  Mr. Geeky claims he’s going to move up the one of the kid’s old rooms.  I may push a little harder for that. 🙂

The other organization issue I’m facing is, quite frankly, the phone.  Sigh.  I’m amazed by how much I used that thing to keep me on track.  I’m going to try in earnest to replace it.  I might try to get my old phone repaired, and I’m still on the lookout for a new one on ebay.  But I’m choking a bit on the cost.  We shall see.

In general, though, I feel like we’re getting off to a good start for the school year, and that we won’t be running around like crazy people on the first day of school.