Irene, Schmirene

Hurricane Irene turned out to be mostly a major inconvenience–at least for us.  Some areas nearby experienced severe flooding, but in general, it was mostly a prolonged thunderstorm–without the thunder even.  We lost power for about 14 hours, mostly through the middle of the night, and we risked losing everything in the fridge, but it seems to have survived.  Geeky Girl was worried, mostly because the news coverage was just so sensational.  I know to take that with a grain of salt, but she doesn’t quite get that yet.  She was especially concerned that the brunt of the storm was hitting us in the middle of the night.  Things seem scarier at night.

We had planned to go out Saturday to celebrate our 17 year anniversary, but we cancelled given that the mayor shut down public transit and was encouraging everyone to just stay home.  We worried there would be no place to go to celebrate.  So we’ll go this weekend instead.  Oh well.

A lot of school events got moved around or cancelled, which has just thrown some things into chaos during an already chaotic time.  I’ve spent my entire morning in email and on the phone coordinating a variety of events.  Tomorrow the meetings begin, and there’s still so much to do to get ready.  I was telling a colleague that I feel like I can’t really buckle down until I’m really in the thick of it.  She felt the same.  We were both soaking up our last free day.  Once everyone is around and the pressure is on to be ready that very first day, I know all the pieces will fall into place.  I’m as ready as I can be right now, sort of like preparing for Irene.