Getting organized for the school year

We may have 3 weeks to go, but I’ve been getting the house and my routines in shape for the school year.  Following a modified version of FlyLady, I got the kitchen in shape this week.  I reorganized cabinets, throwing out old food.  I now know what I’ve got and can actually see it.  Also this week, I got rid of a pile of books by taking them to a used book store.  I walked out with a couple of books, but still netted about 15 or so gone.  I have more boxes to go to the store.  Today, I’m getting the finances in order.  Next week, I’m planning to start an exercise routine.  This week, I walked every day around 4:30 (which is roughly when I get home from work).  My morning routine in the past has been to get up, get coffee, wake up the kids, and sit and drink coffee and read the news for 1/2 hour.  I’m going to try to replace that with 1/2 hour of exercise.  Before coffee.    Also next week, I’ll tackle the next zone.  That’s going to get harder to do once school starts.  Right now, I spend 1/2 hour a day in the FlyLady zone of the week at a time of the day that’s convenient for me.  In three weeks, that time of the day may be after dinner.  Once I’ve gone through all the zones once, I think I’ll be in much better shape and can cut down the time in each zone.

The kids, too, will be getting into school mode.  We’ve decided on a 9 a.m. wakeup time next week, 8 a.m. the following week, and 7 a.m. the week after.  By the time they have to get up at 6 a.m., it won’t seem so bad.  We also have school supplies to buy and get organized.  I thought last year wasn’t too bad on the organization front, but I’d like to be even more organized this year, especially with Geeky Boy.  He’s going to need some serious external motivation to get into some good habits this year.  I’m crossing my fingers.

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5 Replies to “Getting organized for the school year”

  1. We start school tomorrow. Every year I intend to wake the kids up earlier for school the last weeks of summer, but I don’t. That 6:40 AM wake up time for all of us tomorrow is going to be quite the shocker.

    Oh well. At least I did the organizing part right.

  2. Definitely it’s time to start ramping up the morning activity levels as we all get ready for term time. I’ll be teaching three days a week at 8:30 so we’re still figuring out the logistics of getting everyone where they need to be on those early days!

    I need to invoke the Flylady, myself, for some start of term organizing: thanks for making me think of it.

  3. I know what you mean…today starts the beginning of my student teaching phase. I am easing myself back up early and getting prepared by organizing and thinking through my new working hours. This last 8 months of going to school and not working I got in the habit of waking up later because I could still work out before the day really started. But today was back up at 5:45 to work out and get a couple of chores done before my daughter wakes up. Wondering if I’ll have to push back to 5:30 come next week?! 🙂

    I think I will check out the FlyLady too! Good Luck!

  4. Caroline, I was thinking of getting up at 5:30 also. Sounds so early, but I think it’s going to be necessary.

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