Geeky Decorations

I finally secured some geeky decor for my classroom.  All the school-related stuff at stores is so non-technical, which strikes me as odd, given how much technology kids are surrounded by.  Oh well.

I ended up buying a bunch of stickers from CafePress–things with stuff on them like Computer Chick (with the requisite literal chick).  I got a “I think therefore I code” sticker, and a few robot ones.  Yay!  I’ll have pictures as soon as I get them up.  Mr. Geeky was making fun of me, saying I should be programming.  But hey, I have to have a good-looking classroom to program in, don’t I?  I’m going to do some major programming tomorrow and over the weekend, plus organizing of the class, tweaking things here and there.  I’m really looking forward to the year beginning.