And so it begins

Today was the first day of meetings. It was great to see everyone. It was really nice not to be the new kid anymore. I felt like i knew what I was doing and really looked forward to seeing people. One of my mantras for this year is “more hugging,” which I know sounds weird, but I have always been shy about connecting with people. Often I will feel like hugging someone because I’m glad to see them, but then I don’t. So I’m resisting the urge to back off. It’s great to feel connected to people and great to feel that they feel a connection to you as well.

Lots of real business is also getting done already and it feels good to be wrestling with stuff again. I love that I have such smart and thoughtful colleagues who work hard and think hard. I also feel like I’m never on my own. I have a ton on my plate but I know I can always ask for help and that I will get it.

Now we’ll see what happens when the kids get here.