Muprhy’s law

I am 48 hours away from getting to really, truly go on vacation, but first, the world has to fall apart through a million little incidents.

  • I pulled my tricep putting on my bathing suit.  There is nothing more humiliating than that.
  • The dog jumped up while I was bent over and the top of her head hit the bottom of my nose.  Yes, I think it’s broken.
  • I had to be in to work 1/2 hour earlier than expected, just after said nose incident.
  • An hour into a training session, I was asked to move my car, which was parked in a “No Parking” zone which isn’t normally a no parking zone, but is, in fact, faculty parking.  The camp counselor seemed very put out.
  • While the training session eventually became very informative, I almost had to sit through an explanation of bread crumbs.  I wanted to shout, “Hello? I’ve created web sites with bread crumbs!” Instead, I politely said that I understood the concept and could we move on.
  • Later, when asked whether we wanted to take a break, someone asked how much more there was to cover and could we be done with this part (the only part pertinent to me) by lunch.  Oh no.
  • I insisted I needed to get home and manage my kids.  The session was sped up.
  • When I got home, the air conditioning did not seem to be working.  It’s supposed to be 95 today, 98 tomorrow and 101 the next day.

Can I just say that I’m ready for a beach and a pina colada?

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