Limbo week

Mr. Geeky is away and when he returns, we’ll be heading on our first (and only) family vacation of the summer.  The kids and I have kept ourselves pretty busy.  The kids sleep in more than I do, of course.  When they get up–anywhere from 10-1–I have them do a few chores, and then we head to the pool.  We’ve been lucky that it’s been exceedingly hot, so taking a dip in the pool’s water feels great.  There have been summers, believe it or not, where I felt it wasn’t quite hot enough to warrant getting into cold water.  That’s growing up in the south for you.

At night the kids have helped with dinner and we’ve watched tv together or played a game.  We played Boggle the other night and I beat Geeky Boy by only one point.

The kids have done laundry and folded clothes while I went into work for a a couple of hours.  Geeky Girl is re-reading all the Harry Potter books.  Geeky Boy is reading Mental Floss and starting on The Crucible.  Next week will be all about sun and surf and good seafood.  This week, we’re just biding our time.

One Reply to “Limbo week”

  1. I hope your vacation is awesome (and someplace where it’s considerably cooler than where you are now).

    Geeky Boy is within one point of you on Boggle, eh? Lucas keeps beating me at tic-tac-toe. My sister didn’t believe me until he beat her, too. 🙂 I suspect Lucas will trample me at *any* strategy game before long…

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