4 Replies to “Heatmageddon”

  1. Ugh. . . Get yourself to a motel!

    We’re having great weather here, but the East Coast weather reports remind me of the July in Davis where the average temperature (including nights!) was 87 degrees. It may have been that same summer that our air conditioning went out when it was 113 degrees, and because Lucas a baby, our retreat to a motel was literally a life saver.

    Hope things cool down soon!

  2. If we can’t get this fixed today, I’m definitely hitting a hotel. It was so hard to sleep last night. This happened to us in Arkansas but I think we managed to get it fixed before we had a crazy hot night.

  3. Just found your blog recently and have been reading some past posts…I really am loving it! It is so refreshing to read someone with a positive outlook on the teaching profession. I am becoming a teacher as a career change (was in finance field) and couldn’t be more excited (and nervous!) about it!

    And yes…it is really hot! 🙂
    Caroline http://www.thehoppepad.blogspot.com

  4. Caroline, welcome! Shifting to teaching was the best thing I ever did! I love it! It’s not perfect, by any means, but it is a lot of fun. Good luck with your transition!

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