Relearning math

One of my many goals this summer is to brush up on my math skills.  I do use some math in programming, but I tend to shy away from challenges that involve more difficult math.  I also tend to like projects that involve strings vs. those that involve numbers.  That’s just me.  I do like working with graphics, though, and that requires a lot more math.  I find myself having to look stuff up more often than I’d like or it takes me longer to work something out than it should.

So I hopped on the Khan Academy site to see what they had.  And wouldn’t you know, but they have a game-like way of practicing your math skills.  I’ve been doing math for the last few hours.  And Geeky Boy joined in for a bit.  I started at the beginning with basic addition just for fun, and have only made it up to pre-algebra.  But, it brought back some good memories of when I used to love math.  Prime factorial trees! Long division! So much fun.  I suck at subtraction, but rock at 4 digit multiplication.  I also love moving decimal points around.  I remember when I learned that, I thought that was the coolest thing ever.  You mean you can move it?  And then move it again? So cool.

And I haven’t even really gotten to the good stuff yet.

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    We’re telling our incoming students to brush up on khanacademy before taking their required mathy core courses this year. I hope they do!

  2. I discovered Khan a few months back. Haven’t used it yet, but planning on using it with the older kids this summer so they don’t forget the math they learned during the school year.

  3. I am so grateful to you for referencing Khan — I didn’t know about it — just what I needed and have already started to barrel through on math and finance.

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