Notes on the first week of summer

Some highlights so far:

  • Went to a cooking class with my colleagues.  So much fun! Plus mojitos!
  • Took care of several myriad appointment stuff–dentist mainly, but also car inspection.
  • Have worked every morning on my class–going well so far.  The sad thing is I know that even if I create fairly detailed lesson plans, I’ll still be tweaking the day before each class.
  • Discussed in-service day plans with the keynote speaker, Chris Penny.  Very excited about this, but also lots of work ahead.
  • Had coffee with a former student, whom I’ve served as a job reference for.  She’s turning down job offers left and right, waiting for the right thing (and the right salary) to come along.  She’s an amazing student, who’s a great example of combining arts and humanities with computing.  She’s an art history major who does web development.  It really can be done!
  • Had dinner with a former colleague who is also considering a career/job move.  Good conversation, good food, can’t beat it.
  • I am up to 3rd grade math.  In two days, that’s not bad.  Actually, I’ll be doing some algebra later today more than likely.  I’m moving at a pretty good clip.
  • Having lunch today with colleagues (different ones from the cooking class).  Looking forward to seeing them outside of school.
  • Today is also Geeky Boy’s last day of school.  Last night was the last day of nagging him about homework/studying (which I think does absolutely no good, but makes me feel like I’m doing *something*).
  • I’m not sure yet if I’ll take the weekend off.  I suspect I’ll do some work since I’ll be away M-W. I live in fear of getting too far behind.
  • Though it sounds a little hectic, I’m really moving at a pretty relaxed pace.  And I’m looking forward to real downtime later this summer.