Going cableless

One of our projects for the summer is to try to get rid of cable. We might even get rid of our land line, which we get through our cable company, so we’d be down to just getting Internet from them. We aren’t heavy tv watchers. Mr. Geeky watches a lot of movies, which he’s been downloading from amazon at 3.99 a pop. We signed up for a trial of Netflix streaming and we’re liking it so far.

Stuff we can’t find on Netflix, we can often get from hulu. Geeky girl often watches her shows that way. And Geeky Boy just doesn’t really watch tv at all. Our only issue right now is getting the two live shows we watch at night, Rachel Maddow and The Last Word. We can get them a day later via iTunes podcast or via the msnbc website. It’s just not as seamless a process as we’d like it to be. We have TiVo so we can actually connect to our downloaded music and podcasts via TiVo desktop, but I’ve had some issues getting that to work perfectly.

We’ve looked into other box options but we have two tivos that work perfectly well. For now I think it will be worth it to have to wait a day to see a couple of shows. And if we end up watching even less tv than we do now, not a huge loss really.

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  1. We got rid of cable and it has been nice. We are in Canada where we don’t get Hulu and Netflix has a really limited selection but it’s still been fine. The best part is not having the news. We listen to public radio news now and it’s much more palatable (without all the sad or gruesome images).

  2. We’ve been considering this as well. We watch a LOT of TV shows though and our internet streaming isn’t always reliable. It would also mean some interesting wiring in the bedrooms if we want to be able to use the TVs and not have to watch stuff directly on the PCs. I do like the idea of it cutting down on pointless channel surfing.

  3. We’ve been cable free for 25 years. No regrets on my part, though Math Man wishes for better sports coverage than he gets via broadcast and webcast.

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